Erich Kirchler Rang 2 als österreichischer Wissenschafter im Bereich Ökonomie und Finanz


Erich Kirchler erreichte im "Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists" durchgeführt von "" den 2. Platz in Österreich

Dear Erich Kirchler,

We’d like to inform you that, a leading academic platform for researchers, has just released the 2022 Edition of our Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Economics and Finance.

We are sure you will be very happy to learn that you have ranked #536 in the world ranking and #2 in Austria.

The ranking is based on the H-index metric provided by Microsoft Academic and includes only leading scientists with an H-index of at least 30 for academic publications made in the area of Economics and Finance.

The full world ranking is available here:
The full ranking for Austria is available here:

Please accept our sincere congratulations. Being present in our ranking is definitely a great achievement for you and your university or research institution. Feel free to share and publicize your accomplishment in any way you see fit.

With Best Regards,
Imed Bouchrika, PhD