Dr. Simon T van Baal, PhD.

Universitaetsstrasse 7 (NIG)

1010 Vienna

Room: D0610



Simon van Baal has a background in Economics (BSc. at Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2017) and Behavioural and Economic Science (MSc. at University of Warwick, 2018). He obtained a joint Ph.D. at Monash University and University of Warwick in 2023, where he investigated the influence of time preferences, impulsivity, and self-control on people's behaviour. He used this understanding to improve decisions by encouraging contemplation and highlighting ways to deliberate on outcomes. This work is then applied to topics such as addiction and Covid-behaviours. After his PhD, Simon joined the team as a post-doctoral researcher in June 2023. He is interested in fundamental and applied decision-making research, in particular in the domains of time preferences, addiction, health, and prosociality.

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